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Heirloom Gourmet Foods - reinventing Australian timeless classics. Inspired by a legendary family recipe, a fabled secret that’s been passed down through generations.

Say goodbye to your average mint sauce

Mint Drizzle

It all started with our signature Mint Drizzle, made with the very best, ethically sourced, all natural ingredients. Now you can have the freshness of the garden ready in a jiffy.

Drizzle over meat, veggies (vegetarians rejoice!) — or stir into greek yoghurt for some international flair.

Of course no lamb roast is complete without a dash (or two) of Mint Drizzle to top it all off.

Some say our OG Mint Drizzle is the most versatile of the range and we think it might just be.

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Polly Fox, our Inspiration

Grandma Polly Fox was a true Aussie pioneer, mother of seven and original drizzle creator.

Our flavours are as robust as Polly’s character, and will add zesty deliciousness and depth to the most simple of dishes. Grandma Polly would be proud.

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Get your drizzle on

For seafood lovers, add Lemon Drizzle to mayo and inject some zing into the best dipping sauce you’ll ever taste. (#tip – amazing with prawns on the barbie)

Craving a simple and sweet after dinner treat? Our Berry Drizzle is a delicious topping for ice cream, to jazz up your cheese platter, or anything else you like.

Our signature Mint Drizzle is perfect for Indian, Mexican and Middle Eastern meals…think souvlaki, tacos, curries.

Chicken skewers on the BBQ are always a crowd pleaser. Serve them with Mango Drizzle to inspire your mates and mix things up a bit.

For brunch connoisseurs, stir Lemon Drizzle into smashed avo for a zesty kick with your poached eggs.

Roast pork with crackling is everyone’s go-to Sunday supper. Recreate this OG Aussie classic with a dollop of Apple Drizzle on the side.

No pantry is complete without Grandma Polly’s range of drizzles.

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The best drizzle you’ll ever taste

The Heirloom Gourmet Foods range is available now at your local butcher, deli, fish monger, providore and speciality food store.

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